2013 Conference

FSRUG Conference – 2013

Agenda Topic Facilitator/


Company Presentation
2012 Operating Experience for Feedwater and Related Systems Mike Ballard INPO Proprietary
Water in Oil – Feedwater Pump Kelly Oetting Point Beach click here
Early Detection of Tube Support Degradation in Feedwater Heaters Steven Schaefer CurtissWright/Anatec click here
Digital Feedwater Control Projects for TVA Tim Frost Invensys click here
Feedwater Control System Upgrades – Lesson Learned Scott Gladney TVA click here
Feedwater System Multidiscipline Review (Deep Dive) Todd Welsh VC Summer click here
SGFP Lube Oil Systems & Maintenance – No Problems Art Washburn Sulzer click here
Valve Considerations for Feedwater Applications CCI click here
High Energy Feed Pump Maintenance John Neely Hydroaire click here
Guidelines & Strategies for Procuring Wear and Hydraulic Components Faisal Salmon Hydroaire click here
Reactor Feed Pump Performance Issue Watson Tomlinson Flowserve click here
OPPD – Ft. Calhoun CCW Pump Testing Watson Tomlinson Flowserve click here
Recent OE for Upgrades & Support of Existing Feedwater Control Systems Vaughn Thomas Westinghouse click here
Simplified Loopback Models for Design & Training Support (Digital Mods) Vaughn Thomas Westinghouse click here
Gear Repair 101 Dave Long Chalmers & Kubeck click here
Non Intrusive Ultrasonic Flow and Temperature Measurements Yuri Gurevich AMAG click here