2017 Conference

FSRUG Conference – 2017

Agenda Topic Facilitator / Presenter Company Presentation
1. INPO Industry Events Insights Bill Phillips Fort Calhoun Proprietary
2. SGFPT Blade Root Cracking Larry Muskiet South Texas Project Link
3. SGFP vibrations – New Coupling and Bearings Alex Kearnan South Texas Project Link
4. Monticello Feedwater Pump Failure Joe Clayton Monticello Link
5. Stretching NPSHA vs. NPSHR to the Limit Art Washburn Sulzer Pump Link
6. Case Study: Preventing 1x Vibration by Adding Axial Clearance in Rotating Assembly Joseph Silvaggio Siemens/Dresser-rand Link
7. SGFP Cyclic Vibration Issue Mark Barber RER Link
8. Introduction to Vibration and Related Test Methods for Troubleshooting Eric Olson and Juan Gamarra Mechanical Solutions, Inc. Link
9. Thermal Spray and Composite Bearings in Feedwater Pump Application Chad Criddle Chalmers & Kubeck Link
10. Feedwater heater Shell and Plate Design Pete Mickus Westinghouse Link
11. Feedwater Heater Maintenance and Cleaning  Jim Fisher The Merric Group Link
11a. Palo Verde Hydrolasing Results Amber Molitor Palo Verde Link
12. Feedwater Heater Troubleshooting Frank Todd True North Consulting Link
13. Pipe/Shell Wall thinning in FW System Frank Todd True North Consulting Link
14. Lessons Learned and OE from Digital I&C Upgrades  Rebecca Witt and Mary McCague Westinghouse and Braidwood Link
15. System Media Actuated MFIVs  Carl Prather IMI-CCI Link
16. FW Regulator Retrofits with Digital Positioning  Kurt Christianson IMI-CCI Link
17. Heater Drains Cooler vent Valve Leakage Etric Fulton Cooper Generating Station Link
18. Application Obsolescence ValvTechnologies Link
19. Flow and Temperature Measurement AZZ-NLI/Krohne Link
20. Feedwater Heater Tube Support Plate and Baffle Erosion Steve Schafer Curtis-Wright Link
21. Feedwater heater Drain Flashing Rich McGee Fermi Link
22. Feedwater heater Drains Cooler Degradation Juan Morales Palo Verde Link
23. Condenser Tube Leaks and Eddy Current Testing Jim Johnson Seabrook Link
24. Comanche Peak Trending Taylor Smith Comanche Peak Link
25. Harris Plant MFP Excessive Seal Leakage Harris Link
26. Harris Plant FWH Issues Harris Link